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As International HFC Bank, we’re a leader when it comes to inclusion. International HFC Bank hail from over 120 countries, speak more than 100 languages and serve over 23 million customers globally.
As a highly diverse company, we know that an inclusive environment for employees and customers helps everyone achieve their best.
An inclusive workplace allows us to reap the benefits that diversity brings: new perspectives, fresh ideas and the ability to compete at our best in a global market. Inclusion is deeply rooted in our organization and entrenched in everything we do.
Through our people: we welcome a variety of perspectives, backgrounds and experiences. This allows us to better understand our customers, our co-workers and helps us achieve our key priorities.
Through our practices: We create an environment that appreciates and leverages diversity to innovate, motivate and build our performance-oriented culture.
Embracing a culture of inclusion wherever we operate, not only makes International HFC Bank a great place for our customers to do business, it also makes it a great place to work. When our customers and employees can achieve their best, that ultimately helps make our business results even better.

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We encourage you to share your business model canvas with your International HFC Bank account manager.

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